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Weather Maps

Reading a weather map can make a difference to your safety & enjoyment on a boating or walking trip or holiday!
There are ways to help you interpret the map that you can confidently recall.

How to read highs & lows off a weather map in the Southern Hemisphere in temperate latitudes.

High pressure system- is more likely to bring stable & warm weather.
With your right hand make a thumbs up with your hand- observe your fingers are curled around under your thumb in a counter clockwise direction.
This means a high pressure system turns counter clockwise.

A low pressure is more likely to bring cool to cold conditions. Rain may be part of a cold front system with wind. 
Low pressure system
Make a thumbs down with your right hand- your fingers are curled above your thumb in a clockwise direction.

This means a low pressure system moves in a clockwise direction.

More scientific explanations can be found here


The latest weather map from the Bureau of Meteorology can be found here


The City of Adelaide had only one weather forecasting tool on board - a barometer. Combined with the considerable experience of the ship's officers, it provided a basic indication of future weather. Research how a barometer works and relate it to a weather map.



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