26 September 2021

The list of passengers has now bee updated and available here.

21 March 2021

An amazing photogrammetry model of the City of Adelaide Clipper Ship has been produced. Fully rotatable on screen. See  here some still composite photographs and the link to the model.

2 January 2021

An article by Alastair Dalton  with photographs by Fernando M Gonçalves about the City of Adelaide was published in The Scotsman.


5 September 2020

Today the Advertiser newspaper published an article about the Master Plan developed by the Clipper Ship City of Adelaide Board to develop a maritime precinct on Dock 2


29 November 2019

Today the Clipper Ship, on the barge Bradley, was moved from Dock 1 to its new home Dock 2 Honey St, Port Adelaide. Thank you to all who made it possible. As well as our great volunteers (we have no paid staff), thank you to Svitzer for tugs, Maritime Constructions for barge crew, McMahons for infrastructure movement, Flinders Ports, DPTI & Renewal SA, PAEC, AMS Security and Secure Fence Hire. Provision of land by the SA Government will now enable Seaport Village to be built by our not for profit organisation. Public tours will start again asap, most likely in second half of next week, as we re-establish the gangway and Information Centre.

Some photographs can be seen here.

28 November 2019

Today the information centres and other infrastructure were moved to the new site on Dock 2. Some photographs can be seen here.

The barge the bradley and the Clipp Ship will be moved at 6am Friday 29 November 2019.

9 November 2019

The historic clipper ship City of Adelaide first arrived in Adelaide, Australia on 7 November 1864. 155 years later Rita Bradd launched her book : Clipper Ship 'City of Adelaide'. Beneath the Southern Cross" aboard the ship in Port Adelaide. A video by Ed Liparts was produced and is available here.

27 Sept 2019

Agreement signed between SA Government & Clipper Ship for Dock 2 to be permanent home, and location of a Seaport Village. Relocation will take place by the end of the year. See more details here.


31 May 2019

A music & poetry concert by the Dingo's Breakfast Duo will be held on board the ship Sunday 23 June at 3pm. Australian & Irish songs and sea shanties. Also, Pete Titchener & Reg Byrnes will join the Duo.

Bookings via Eventbrite

29 May 2019

A video was commissioned for South Australia's History Festival by the Department of The Premier and Cabinet. It recognises the City of Adelaide's significance to our maritime heritage. 

28 May 2019

Today we took delivery of the masts from the former Port Canal Shopping Centre, thanks to the new Port Adelaide Plaza. For more details and some photographs see here.

22 May 2019

Director and Board member, Peter Christopher was interviewed by David Bevan on Radio Adelaide ABC 891. The interview can be downloaded here (right click and select Save Link as)

16 April 2019

An article was published in the Daily Record UK; "It rotted in Irvine for decades but here's how the historic City of Adelaide clipper ship looks now".

20 January 2019

Rita Bradd will give an illustrated presentation of her amazing, unique ten week voyage on board the Heavy Lift Ship Palanpur as it carried the historic 1864 clipper ship City of Adelaide from Europe to Australia. The talk marks the 5th anniversary of the City of Adelaide's arrival in Port Adelaide. The talk will be held on Sunday 3 February 2019 at 3.30pm. Tickets can be purchased at Eventbrite.

12 January 2019

In this special extended episode of Your Stories, we take a look at Clipper Ship City of Adelaide. Currently, under threat by the state government to be moved. Find out more, watch and share.

21 December 2018

To give visitors an overview of what they will experience when visiting the ship a video has been produced . Introduction is  by Director Peter Christopher. Video by Ed Liparts.

6 December 2018


There is a news article regarding the potential new site for the Clipper Ship in the Port Side Messenger

14 November 2018

The steering wheel mounted by the Royal Navy in 1923 when the ship was renamed HMS Carrick is now on display. Bought at auction in the UK, and generously donated by Albert Watson & Debbie Martin, it was unveiled at a special ceremony for key supporters of the project on 14 November 2018, and can now be viewed during tours of the ship. Photographs of the unveiling can be viewed here.  Here is a video of the event on YouTube

November 2018

Director Peter Christopher was interviewed by Jason Balk at BB FM. You can access the interview here

June 2018

The Saloon Deck of the historic City of Adelaide is being restored by volunteers, using timber purchased through a successful crowdfunding appeal. This video by Ed Liparts shows timber delivery  and discussion of work on the ship.

20 May 2018

Eric Bogle performed  in Concert aboard the City of Adelaide 20 May 2018 to a packed audience. Photographs can be seen here.

7 March 2018

The Hon. Susan Close, Minister for Education and Child Development launched our new book "Clipper Ship City of Adelaide - Fun, facts & figures". Photographs of the occasion can be seen here.

17 February 2018

Peter Christopher spoke to Ashley Walsh on the ABC Saturday Breakfast show about the recent relocation of the Clipper Ship. The interview and be downloaded and listened to here.

10 January 2018

The clipper ship was relocated 300 metres to the west to the end of Todd St. Photographs and a video can be found here.

5 December 2017

Director Peter Christopher was interviewed on Radio Adelaide on 5 December 2017. One can listen to it here or right click to download the file

15 October 2017

The Right Hon The Lord Mayor of the City of Adelaide, Mr Martin Haese, unveiled the Coat of Arms on the stern of the  Clipper Ship City of Adelaide? 

​See the photographs

August 2017

Great-granddaughter of Clipper ship’s first captain makes five figure donation

Click here for an article in the Messenger​

September 2017

Pirates of Port Adelaide weekend was held 23 & 24 September. See the photos