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The Clipper Ship City of Adelaide is the world's oldest clipper ship. Built in Sunderland, England, and launched on 7 May 1864.


City of Adelaide was built by William Pile, Hay and Co. for transporting passengers and goods between Britain and Australia. Between 1864 and 1887 the ship made 23 annual return voyages from London and Plymouth to Adelaide, South Australia. During this period she played an important part in the immigration of Australia.


On the return voyages she carried passengers, wool, and copper from Adelaide and Port Augusta to London.




Moving closer to a permanent home
  • 27 Sept 2019. Agreement signed between SA Government & Clipper Ship for Dock 2 to be permanent home, and location of a Seaport Village. Relocation will take place by the end of the year. See more details here.



  • The South Australian Government in 2017 released a strategy to preserve the maritime  heritage  in Port Adelaide

  • The Press  Release can be seen here or downloaded here.

  • Dock 2 has been identified  as the preferred site  for the City of Adelaide clipper ship and other historic ships. Negotiations are underway in 2019

  • A schematic of a possible layout of Dock 2 can be seen below. Click on image to enlarge

  • The move to Dock 2 occurred on  Friday 29  November 2019





Location of the City of Adelaide on Dock 2

Proposed Seaport Village

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